Friday, May 28, 2010

latest Concept art.... *added the first bloobs

Yooo! Here is some new concepts i have been workign on, on and off again!!! work is taking all the time so during lunch breaks and afterwork. Miss the all the free time I used to have and work on personal stuff and projects. Anyways! For these concepts or was trying to keep it pretty loose but still some how rendered. I intentionally worked pretty much zoomed out with both of them. I had fun with both of them and was also my intentions to have, aswell as playing with colours. And I also worked with 1 layer or 2 maximum 3 but all was merged as soon I was happy with what I did. I prefer working on one layer, why? to lazy moving my hand to the layer window and click on the right layer to work on. Also the pixels behave differently for some reason and it fits my way of working as I just wanna go in with the paint and put it there on the canvas without any other step before that. But sometimes I must have layers especially when I am doing concepts at work.

BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! you talk to much! Hope yoo enjoy the concepts and more is def coming.